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Praadis NEET Test Series

Every student feels nervous on the day of the exam. How much nervous depends on the preparation he/she had done for the exam and the confidence he/has in themselves of achieving success in it. This is why solving NEET practice papers is a big part of preparing for the NEET exam.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this All India Praadis NEET Test Series (PNTS) is to prepare students for the tough competition they will face in the NEET exam. Since NEET is now the only national-level entrance exam in India, students from across the country now compete for the same medical seats. This test series aims to make students more prepared and confident and increase their chances of achieving a higher rank in the NEET exam.

Our Advantage

Solving practice papers simulates the real-life scenario of taking the NEET exam in a time-bound and high-pressure environment. This is the biggest advantage of Praadis NEET Test Series (PNTS) that it allows students to absorb and adapt to the pressure of actually taking the NEET exam. Once the students learn to handle pressure they can then easily apply their brains and knowledge to the questions lying ahead of them.

Our Neet Test Series

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P h y s i c s

NEET Physics test series features most important questions from the updated syllabus.

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C h e m i s t r y

NEET Chemistry test series features diversified practice questions including based on NCERT and PYQs.

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B i o l o g y

NEET Biology test series highlights patterns in questions that have appeared in previous NEET exams.

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F u L L - L e n g t h

NEET test series covers various topics from the updated syllabus, providing comprehensive preparation.

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