10 Tips To Choose The Best Learning App
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10 Tips To Choose The Best Learning App

10 Tips To Choose The Best Learning App

Each child is different with different needs and different abilities. An app which suits the need of each and every child accordingly and provides them with the complete learning experience is the best learning app. Here are 10 tips to choose the best learning app

#1. Simple and clear content which can be correctly perceived without confusion.

#2. Clear, interactive and colourful videos which engage the students along with providing the correct and clear knowledge of the concept.

#3. Doubt clearing in the right manner is very important. A child’s curiosity is the seed to learning. Doubts must be very satisfyingly answered.

#4. Instant results, explanations and feedbacks of tests should be available. Delayed results can hamper the learning of students.

#5. The option of reminders and timers should also be available to make the students aware of their performance as well as the need of breaks.

#6. As innovation is the mother of invention, innovative methods should be used for teaching. Conventional methods in unconventional resources will make no difference.

#7. Quizzes and games form an important form of learning which imply the principle of learning with fun.

#8. Availability of offline content must also be ensured because in countries like India the network can get down anytime and cause obstacle in the process of learning.

#9. Micro-learning should be incorporated so that the students learn clearly in small chunks and retain in abundance.

#10. Above all, personalized learning should be incorporated where each and every student can learn according to their own ability and power.

And if you are looking for an app with all the above mentioned factors then the answer to your quest is the Praadis Education (PIE) – Learning App for Students. It is the app specially designed to suit the needs of each and every student. So what are you waiting for? Download the app today to learn with fun.