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Praadis Institute of Education (PIE) the best Learning App is an online educational portal imparting knowledge through various interactive modes of learning across the globe. We offer the best learning programs for students of KG-12. We also gear up aspirants for competitive exams nationally and internationally. PIE is one of the more traditional learning app as called the complete learning app.

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What's Our Forte'

k 12 education app for kids
3D Fundamental Learning Videos

Watch videos in our best learning app (PIE) and enhance your knowledge, skills and excellence with the complete learning app.

K 12 education app for students
Educational Gaming Through AR (4D)

Play and learn through a wide range of augmented reality based on 4D games on the Best Learning App and also tell your friends.

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Capability Adaptive Tests

Maximize your capability with our adaptive tests and increase your skills through the best learning app

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Praadis Education aims to create an exciting learning environment for your child. We at Praadis promote a “can do” attitude thus inspiring children to achieve their best in academics. Predis provides complete information to k-12 students through our the best learning app like: k 12 education app for children (Android version) and the best learning app for students (iOS version). At Praadis we believe in a more interactive approach by using various tools like Classroom videos, 3D interactive videos, Subjective and objective style questions, Watch the story Read the books and many more.

Highlights The Best Learning App

the complete learning app
Highly Interactive

We offer numerous modes of learning such as class room and 3D videos, story-telling sessions, capability tests, augmented reality games and Concept clearing games. These modes of education help the child learn through interactive sessions.

k 12 education app for students
Simplified, Efficient, and Effective

We focus on simplifying concepts so that your child will better grasp the subject matter and have a clear vision of the concepts. This simplification in combination with our Capability-adaptive software creates a highly-effective and streamlined learning process.

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The software application helps you to keep an eye on your child's performance. It not just shows you the brighter side but helps also gives you the areas of improvement. Our analysis process is available in different versions like numerical, graphs based, and so on.

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We offerseveral gaming options that are geared towards experiential learning. The games are designed to further the lessons learned in subject modules in a simple and fun way. There are different game types testing different skills: logic puzzles, role-playing, and matching. To play all these games, you can download the best learning app for students and play the game of your choice.

k 12 education app for children
3D Videos

3D Videos are a highly engaging resource that highlighting the most important topics in every chapter. These videos have a highvisual impact and appeal. The subject matter in these videos is explained through highly detailed 3D models and animation thatgive a heightened sense of understanding due to the simplification of concepts. PIE App is the best learning app for students to watch 3D videos. You can watch 3D videos using this k 12 education app.

the best educational app

Learning is a life skill and student’s learning curves are different, this is the reason for creating personalized learning paths in PIE. The pace of learning should never be forced, it should be a natural progression. So we created Challenges for those students that are using the material we have provided for specific classes. If he is ahead of the curve, then the opportunity to excel should always be available. Knowledge and learning are about satiating the curious mind, If this inquisitiveness describes your student’s need to learn and excel then Praadis Challenges is the answer. Challenges students to excel.

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