Ignite your child’s natural learning abilities with our educational learning app that helps build a
strong foundation. Kids learn best while having fun. Start learning through play.

We here at Praadis education are digital designers but we are also teachers and parents, so we
understand children, what makes a lesson fun, and how to keep a child engaged and
motivated so learning just happens along the way.

Come and kindle the fire of creativity, curiosity and passion in the minds of your
little ones with our Kids Learning App for classes KG to 2nd.

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From Games to Fun Videos, to tips and tricks that make learning
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Our Games

Learning is always fun when we play and learn. With our innovative and interesting games
the kids learn faster and quicker. So let your imagination fly, strap your boots,
fasten your belt and get ready to dive into the world of fun and learning.

Fun with alphabets

English is fun when we learn while we play. Let’s have some fun with English alphabets with our super cool game. Let us learn to write. Move your finger on the shape of the alphabet and learn to draw the alphabet.

Park your car

To enhance your quick reflexes let’s play this interesting and fast game.
You have to be quick and watchful. From the busy road choose the cars with
the alphabet H written on them and help them park systematically in the parking space provided.

Quick catch/ Perfect landing

Let’s get watchful and vigilant and catch the words. Be alert and don’t
miss the parachute. Make the parachute with a word land on a
tent with the synonym corresponding to that word.

Boat Ride

Hop on the boat and sail through the sea. Let’s play this super
exciting game of recognising the person doing a specific job. Listen carefully
and pick the right person and hop on the boat. Complete the game and enjoy your ride.

Witty Articles

Let’s learn the witty naughty articles the fun way. All of you love playing
board games so let’s roll the dice. To move forward roll the dice. If you land
on a locked space answer the question related to articles. Move ahead by giving the correct answer.


Let’s hear and learn quickly. Let’s make learning fun with our
3-D primer voice books that turn the boring books much more
beautiful so that the little champs learn with lots of fun.

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