Praadis Classes for Graduate Record Examination (GRE) 2021

    GRE is a Graduate Record Examination conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS). This exam is given by students who want to take admissions in Top MBA colleges and other universities and top B-school. It is basically attempted by candidates aspiring to complete their masters, and doctoral degree programs in various universities at US, Canada, Australia and other countries required GRE score for granting admissions. The GRE Exam is of 2 types:

  • 1. GRE General Test
  • 2. GRE Subject Test
  • Student can give the test once every 21 days, up to 5 times within a year. There are more than 1000 test centres across 160 countries take the GRE General Test. The GRE is available up to 3 times per month in Mainland China; Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea and in most of the regions it is available throughout a year.

GRE Exam Notifications



    Candidates can register the test either online or by phone. Please follow the procedure given below for registration.

  • 1. Visit https:
  • 2. Click on register now.
  • 3. A login window will appear if you are an existing user direct login to an account and if you are a new user, click on create a new account.
  • 4. Create your new account using Email ID and new password.
  • 5. Select the test centres and GRE exam date as per convenience

  • 6. Fill your personal details and verify them.
  • 7. Register for the test
  • 8. Proceed with the payment
  • Candidates can also view test centres, test dates and seat availability as per their convenience.
  • If you have registered for GRE General Test, you can change or cancel your test registration four days before your test date. If you cancel your test on time, you will receive a refund equal to half of your original test fee.
  • There is also an option to reschedule your test date, you will be charged US $50 as a rescheduling fee. For any discrepancy in registering or resetting your password, you can reach out to GRE general services-
  • Contact information for India-

  • Email:
  • Phone:91-1244517127 or 000-800-100-4072 (toll free for test takers in India) Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. India Standard Time (except for local holidays)
  • Contact information for US

  • Contact form link-
  • Phone number- 1-609-771-7670 or 1-866-473-4373 (toll free for test takers in the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Canada) Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. ET (except for U.S. holidays)
  • FAX- 1-610-290-8975
  • ETS Disability Services

  • ETS is committed to serving candidates with disabilities and health-related needs and to providing appropriate accommodation to examinees who have been assigned for the purpose of the test. Test accommodations are available for candidates meeting ETS requirements.Click on below link to use this form to register for the test View test centres that administer the GRE General Test and Subject Tests.
  • Code list:

  • Look at institutions and fellowship sponsors who have been approved to receive GRE scores.
  • During the registration of the test, the graduate uses the department's code when using designated score recipients and major field codes to answer questions from the undergraduate major field and intended graduate major field.
  • It includes citizenship, country, region codes, state, province, and area codes for use during test registration.
  • Native language codes are included for use during test registration.
  • Contact information for general enquiries regarding ETS disability services:
  • Email: (General Inquiries)
  • Phone: 1-609-771-7780 1-866-387-8602 (toll-free for test takers in the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Canada) Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. ET
  • Fax: 1-609-771-7165
  • Mail: ETS Disability Services P.O. Box 6054 Princeton, NJ 08541-6054 USA
  • Courier Service: ETS Disability Services 225 Phillips Boulevard Ewing, NJ 08618-1426 USA
  • GRE Fees structure

  • Fees in GRE are stated in US dollars effective from July 1, 2020.
  • Location Fees
    China $231.30
    India $213
    Nigeria $226
    Turkey $255
    All other areas of the world $205
    Rescheduling Fees China $53
    Rescheduling Fees- All other area of the world $50
    Change request for Test Centre $50
    Change request for Test Centre $50
    Additional Score Reports (ASR) - per recipient $27
    Question-and-Answer review service - Verbal Reasoning & Quantitative Reasoning sections only (New York State residents only) $50
    Score Review for Analytical Writing measure $60
    Score Reinstatement Fee $50

    Test preparation material fees

    Item Fee
    Two official practice tests FREE
    Three official practice tests $39.95
    General Test, Third Edition $40*
    Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions Volume 1, Second Edition $20*
    Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions Volume 1, Second Edition $20*
    Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions, Volume 1, and the Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions, Volume 1 $37
    General Test, Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions and Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions $72
    Online Writing Practice $20


GRE Test Centre Instructions

  • 1. Dress normal so that candidates can sit at any room temperature
  • 2. Report at the test centre 30 minutes before the test scheduled time. Late arrival at the test centre may forfeit your test fee, though you will not be able to enter the test centre.
  • 3. Information related to Test on clothes, shoes, ID documents or any part of the body is prohibited.
  • 4. Unless an inspection is required for the use or possession of unauthorized assistance during the testing session, removing shoes in the testing room is prohibited.
  • 5. The test administrator will allot the seat.
  • 6. Before leaving the Test centre, test administrator permission is mandatory. If you leave the test centre without the consent of the test administrator, your test scores may be cancelled, and test fees will forfeit.
  • 7. The test session will be closely monitored by test centre staff
  • Test Session Instructions:

  • 1. Candidates are required to sign a confidential statement before giving the test.
  • 2. Candidates are required to sign the test centre log before entering or leaving the test centre.
  • 3. Scratch paper will be given at the test centre, you cannot use that scratch paper during breaks.
  • 4. The GRE general test uses a standard English-language (QWERTY) computer keyboard.
  • 5. If you have any queries in the middle of the test, raise your hand for test administrator's help.
  • 6. Test premises are under CCTV surveillance
  • 7. Candidates will get a one-minute break after each session and 10 minutes optional break after 3rd session.
  • 8. Personal calculators are not allowed, candidates will have to access on-screen calculator during the Quantitative Reasoning Test.
  • Items allowed at the test centre:

  • 1. Hall ticket
  • 2. ID proof
  • 3. Food, beverages, and medications if permitted by test centres
  • 4. Before the test, the test centre staff will instruct you where to keep your personal items
  • 5. Only Wedding or engagement ring is permitted
  • Items not allowed in GRE test:

  • 1. Mobile phones
  • 2. Any devices, including digital watches that can be used to record, and any other electronic, recording, listening, scanning or photographic tools.
  • 3. Any kind of jewellery, neckties, bowties, hats, scarves, jackets, outwears.
  • 4. Audio players/recorders, tablets, laptops, notebooks, Google Glass, or any other personal computing devices
  • 5. Any texting device
  • 6. Cameras or any other photographic equipment
  • 7. Separate timers of any type
  • 8. If the test coordinator found any of the above items with you and even during breaks. Your scores will be cancelled with immediate effects, and your fees will not be refunded.


Important Dates

    Tests in US and Puerto Rico

    Tests in US and Puerto Rico

    Test dates

    Registration date

    Late registration date

    Supplementary test centre deadline

    Online score date

    Score report mailing Date

    12/09/2020 08/07/2020 14/08/2020 24/07/2020 12/10/2020 23/10/2020
    17/10/2020 11/09/2020 18/09/2020 28/08/2020 16/11/2020 27/11/2020
    10/04/2021 05/03/2021 12/03/2021 19/02/2021 10/05/2021 21/05/2021

    Testing in all other locations including US

    Test Dates Registration date Late registration date Supplementary test centre deadline Online score date Score report mailing Date
    12/09/2020 31/07/2020 07/08/2020 17/07/2020 12/10/2020 23/10/2020
    17/10/2020 04/09/2020 11/09/2020 21/08/2020 16/11/2020 27/11/2020
    10/04/2021 26/02/2021 05/03/2021 12/02/2021 10/05/2021 21/05/2021


GRE Eligibility Criteria

  • 1. There are no age and qualification based criteria for the GRE test.
  • 2. But generally, it is taken by those who have completed high school or undergraduate education and moving towards higher education.
  • 3. The admissions committee of most universities looks at several factors before giving admission to candidates. Some of them are - GRE score, CGPA, LOR, SOP, Internship completed, acquisition of any online certificate, additional activities etc.
  • 4. Each institute has its own set of GRE eligibility criteria, and their age eligibility criteria are based on the course they conduct.


GRE Admit card

  • Once you are registered for GRE test, you will receive a mail to your registered mail id. There will be a link in the mail, under the heading "order information". This is the email which contains aspirant's test choice, test date, test centre and score recipient. You can also take the print out of your admit card.


GRE Exam Pattern

  • GRE score is the total evaluation of the verbal score and Quant score. The third section is Analytical writing section which aims to measure your ability, critical thinking and analytical writing skills. This section is mainly for PhD aspirants. There are no negative marks for incorrect questions.
  • GRE General Test:
  • GRE General Test: This test includes 3 sections -
  • Analytical Writing- It mainly consists of essays, informative and argumentive. The use of language, spelling and grammar is important. This section requires a lot of reading and writing practice. The marks are given here out of 6 based on your writing. This test consists of 2 tasks:
  • Issue Task- This task is meant to assess the persuasive in writing skills and critical thinking that you have developed through your education.
  • Argument Task- This task is intended to assess analytical writing and informal reasoning skills.
  • Verbal Reasoning- This section comprises of 3 types of questions:
    Reading comprehension
    Text completion
    Sentence Equivalence
  • This section consists of English-Vocab and Passage. If you want to attain a good score in this section, you must be really good with vocabulary part of this section.
  • Quantitative Reasoning- This section measures- Basic mathematical skills, understanding of elementary mathematical concepts, and ability to reason quantitatively and to model and to solve problems with quantitative methods. Some of the questions are posed in real life situations.
  • Section

    Time Duration

    Number of Questions

    Score Range

    Analytical Writing 30 minutes per task Issue Task Argument Task 0-6
    Verbal Reasoning 30 minutes per section 20 Questions per section 130-170
    Quantitative Reasoning 35 minutes per section 20 Questions per section 130-170
  • The total duration of the GRE test is 3 hours and 45 minutes.
  • GRE Subject Test- In addition to the general test, it comprises of 6 tests

    Subject Number of Questions Time
    Biology 194 170 minutes
    Chemistry 130 170 minutes
    English Literature 230 170 minutes
    Mathematics 66 170 minutes
    Physics 100 170 minutes
    Psychology 205 170 minutes


GRE Syllabus 2020

    GRE Biology

  • Cell and molecular biology (33-35%)
  • Cell biology
  • Metabolism
  • Genetics
  • Microbiology/immunology
  • Organismal biology (33-34%)
  • Animal anatomy and physiology
  • Plant anatomy and physiology
  • Biodiversity
  • Ecology and evolution (33-34%)
  • Ecosystems
  • Behavioural ecology
  • Evolutionary processes
  • History of life
  • GRE Chemistry Test

  • Analytical chemistry (15%)
  • Inorganic Chemistry (25%)
  • Organic Chemistry (30%)
  • Physical Chemistry (30%)
  • GRE English Literature Test

  • Literary Analysis (40-55%)
  • Identification (15-20%)
  • Cultural and Historical Contexts (20-25%)
  • History and Theory of Literary Criticism (10-15%)
  • GRE Mathematics Test

  • Calculus (50%)
  • Algebra (25%)
  • Additional Topics (25%)
  • GRE Physics Test

  • Classical Mechanics (20%)
  • Electromagnetism (18%)
  • Optics and Wave Phenomena (9%)
  • Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (10%)
  • Quantum Mechanics (12%)
  • Atomic Physics (10%)
  • Special Relativity (6%)
  • Laboratory Methods (6%)
  • Specialized Topics (9%)
  • GRE Psychological Test

  • Cognitive (17-24%) A. Learning (3-5%) B. Language (3-4%)
  • Social (12-14%)
  • Developmental (12-14%)
  • Clinical (15-19%)
  • Measurement, Methodology and Other (15-19%)


GRE 2020 Reference Books:

  • 1. Book of GRE Practice Problems by Manhattan Prep
  • 2. Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Question by ETS
  • 3. Kalpan's GRE Prep Plus 2021
  • 4. Barron's GRE- 21st edition
  • 5. Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions, Second Edition, Volume 1
  • 6. GRE by ArgoPrep
  • 8. GRE Prep by Magoosh by Chris Lele, Mike Mcgarry
  • 9. GRE Vocabulary in Practice by Erica L. Meltzer


Notifications and Important updates

  • Praadis will keep you updated with all the necessary updates regarding GRE Test. Here you will get information about the exam dates, exam patterns, eligibility, reference books, score reports and more. GRE subject test administrations cancelled for September 12 and October 17. ETS is now offering at-home testing while some test centres are closed. Home testing is available in many locations. Visit the official website of
  • GRE, to see the regions of your country.
  • All the best!


GRE Result 2020

  • Log in to the student score portal with the below-given link. login credentials, then sign in.
  • There are 2 ways we can submit our GRE score. The first one is on the test day: Candidates can send a test score free of cost from the test centre. If you do so, at the end of the exam, you will have an opportunity that four institutes will receive your test score. However, you have to enter a specific code for each institute, you can search for all codes, so you do not need to memorize each code. Keep in mind that it takes 10 to 15 days to send your scores out. After the exam: If you are not sure whether you want to send your test score at the end of the exam, then you can bypass the option and send the score on a later date. Although if you wish to send the scores to more than 4 institutions or decide to send score on a later date, you will have to pay additions score reports fee of $27 for per recipient. When you register for the GRE subject test, you will be asked to specify which score recipients you wish to receive your scores.
  • GRE Test Centres of India

  • The institutes and fellowship sponsors listed below are approved to receive GRE scores. Candidates can visit the link for more institutions and their codes.
  • Institutes of India

    Code Name Code Name
    3860 Apeejay Stya U Sch Eng & Tech 5730 Aegis Sch Business
    6591 Aryans Bus Sch 0338 Amrita Sch Business
    3882 Asia Grad Sch Business 3868 Anna U
    4970 Atria Inst Tech 2100 Indian Inst Mgmt Raipur
    0059 Bhaktivedanta Inst 4678 Indian Inst Mgmt Udaipur
    6298 Dept Education Dharamsala 4424 Indian Inst Mgmt Visakhapatnam
    0337 Global Sch Mgmt 7010 Indian Sch Business
    6935 IIKM Business Sch 2009 Indian Sch Business & Finance
    6991 IIMT Gurgaon 7892 Indian Sch Business PGP
    4432 Indian Inst Mgmt Ahmedabad 7891 Indian Sch Business YLP
    2237 Indian Inst Mgmt Ahmedabad PGPX 7839 Indian Sch Langs & Lit Studies*
    7385 Indian Inst Mgmt Bangalore Doctoral Prog/FPM 4123 Indus Business Academy
    1675 Indian Inst Mgmt Bangalore EPGP 7526 Inst Mgmt Technology MBA
    1681 Indian Inst Mgmt Bangalore PGPEM 3939 Intl Ins Info Tech Bangalore
    7173 Indian Inst Mgmt Bangalore PGPPM 6562 Intl Sch Mgmt Excellence
    7496 Indian Inst Mgmt Calcutta PhD 4286 ISBR Business School
    4773 Indian Inst Mgmt Kashipur 4279 ISBR College
    4748 Indian Inst Mgmt Kozhikode 4279 ISBR College
    4988 Indian Inst Mgmt Lucknow IPMX- Noida Campus 4283 ISBR Law School
    0788 JECRC U 3861 Lovely Professional U
    7536 Malaviya Natl Inst Tech 2627 MISB Bocconi
    0331 Myra Sch Business 7098 Natl Inst Industrial Engineering
    0493 Natl Inst Tech Karnataka Surathkal 0844 NIILM Centre Mgmt Studies
    0796 NIIT U 7188 NIT Srinagar
    3594 Panjab U 0165 Peoples Education Society
    4735 Plasksha University 0353 Praxis Business Sch
    2458 Regional Ctr Biotechnology 4267 Shobhit U
    4393 SRM U Delhi NCR Sonepat 1721 Srishti Inst Art Design Tech
    8297 T A Pai Mgmt Inst 5749 TASMAC, Pune
    2102 Tata Inst Social Sci 8298 Tata Services Limited
    0833 U Bombay 3386 U Delhi
    0362 Universal Business Sch 3858 Varanasi Coll Mgmt Scii



    What is the full form of GRE?

    GRE is the Graduate Record Examination.

    Why GRE Test?

    : The GRE test is the only admission test for graduate and professional schools in the US and in other countries.

    Who conducts the GRE?

    GRE is conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS).

    Where is the Educational Testing Service (ETS) headquarter located?

    Educational Testing Service (ETS) headquarter is located in Princeton, New Jersey

    F. From where the student can register for the GRE test?

    You can register the test online at, or by phone (Call 1-800-GRE-CALL or 1-800-473-2255) to register for the test.

    What will all things aspirants require for registration?

    Things aspirants will require for registration
    1. ID Requirements
    2. First and last name you used.
    3. Test fees
    4. Reschedule or cancellation Policies
    5. Test centre information
    6. ETS account creation
    7. Graduate Institutes and Fellowship Sponsors
    8. Send additional score reports

    What is the eligibility criteria for the GRE test?

    ETS has set no specific eligibility criteria for the GRE Test. Anyone can register for this test, irrespective of age or qualifications.

    What is the age limit for GRE?

    There is no prescribed age limit and qualification required to appear for GRE.

    What is the validity of GRE Test scorecard?

    The validity of GRE Test scorecard is 5 years.

    From where a student can download the admit card?

    Once you registered for your GRE test, you will receive a mail to your registered mail id. There will be a link in the mail, under the heading "order information". This is the email which contains aspirant's test choice, test date, test centre and score recipient. You can also take out the print out of your admit card as well.

    Will students get a refund of their application form?

    Students will not get a full refund if they cancel their test. The best they can get is a 50% refund by cancelling at least four days before the test.

    Is there cancellation charges for GRE test?

    No, there is no cancellation charges for the GRE test.

    What is the structure of the GRE Test?

    The GRE test consists of 3 sections:
    1. Analytical Writing
    2. Verbal Reasoning
    3. Quantitative Reasoning

    Is there any negative marking in the GRE Test?

    No, there is no negative marking in the GRE Test.

    When students receive their online score report?

    Students will receive Verbal and Quantitative Score just after completing the test. Analytical Writing is an essay writing test, you will not be able to see the marks of the third section at that time.

    What is the duration of the test?

    The total duration of the GRE test is 3 hours and 45 minutes.

    What are the fees of the GRE test?

    The fees of the GRE test is about US$205.

    When the GRE test conducted?

    The GRE test conducted all year round.

    What is the score range of GRE Test?

    The Score range is between 260 to 340.

    What if a student wants to reschedule the date, time or location of the test?

    If a student wants to reschedule the date, time or location of the test, you have to pay a rescheduling fee of USD 50.

    Will student require a passport for GRE Test?

    IYes, a student will require a passport for GRE Test. Passport is the only identity proof which GRE test centre accepts.

    Can the student wear jeans at the test centre?

    Yes, a student is advised to wear normal dresses so that they can sit at any room temperature.