GRE Syllabus

GRE Syllabus 2020

    GRE Biology test

  • Cell and molecular biology (33-35%)
  • Cell biology
  • Metabolism
  • Genetics
  • Microbiology/immunology
  • Organismal biology (33-34%)
  • Animal anatomy and physiology
  • Plant anatomy and physiology
  • Biodiversity
  • Ecology and evolution (33-34%)
  • Ecosystems
  • Behavioural ecology
  • Evolutionary processes
  • History of life
  • GRE Chemistry Test

  • Analytical chemistry (15%)
  • Inorganic Chemistry (25%)
  • Organic Chemistry (30%)
  • Physical Chemistry (30%)
  • GRE English Literature Test

  • Literary Analysis (40-55%)
  • Identification (15-20%)
  • Cultural and Historical Contexts (20-25%)
  • History and Theory of Literary Criticism (10-15%)
  • GRE Mathematics Test

  • Calculus (50%)
  • Algebra (25%)
  • Additional Topics (25%)
  • GRE Physics Test

  • Classical Mechanics (20%)
  • Electromagnetism (18%)
  • Optics and Wave Phenomena (9%)
  • Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (10%)
  • Quantum Mechanics (12%)
  • Atomic Physics (10%)
  • Special Relativity (6%)
  • Laboratory Methods (6%)
  • Specialized Topics (9%)
  • GRE Psychological Test

  • Cognitive (17-24%) A. Learning (3-5%) B. Language (3-4%)
  • Social (12-14%)
  • Developmental (12-14%)
  • Clinical (15-19%)
  • Measurement, Methodology and Other (15-19%)


    What is the full form of GRE?

    GRE is the Graduate Record Examination.

    Why GRE Test?

    : The GRE test is the only admission test for graduate and professional schools in the US and in other countries.

    Who conducts the GRE?

    GRE is conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS).

    Where is the Educational Testing Service (ETS) headquarter located?

    Educational Testing Service (ETS) headquarter is located in Princeton, New Jersey

    F. From where the student can register for the GRE test?

    You can register the test online at, or by phone (Call 1-800-GRE-CALL or 1-800-473-2255) to register for the test.

    What will all things aspirants require for registration?

    Things aspirants will require for registration
    1. ID Requirements
    2. First and last name you used.
    3. Test fees
    4. Reschedule or cancellation Policies
    5. Test centre information
    6. ETS account creation
    7. Graduate Institutes and Fellowship Sponsors
    8. Send additional score reports

    What is the eligibility criteria for the GRE test?

    ETS has set no specific eligibility criteria for the GRE Test. Anyone can register for this test, irrespective of age or qualifications.

    What is the age limit for GRE?

    There is no prescribed age limit and qualification required to appear for GRE.

    What is the validity of GRE Test scorecard?

    The validity of GRE Test scorecard is 5 years.

    From where a student can download the admit card?

    Once you registered for your GRE test, you will receive a mail to your registered mail id. There will be a link in the mail, under the heading "order information". This is the email which contains aspirant’s test choice, test date, test centre and score recipient. You can also take out the print out of your admit card as well.

    Will students get a refund of their application form?

    Students will not get a full refund if they cancel their test. The best they can get is a 50% refund by cancelling at least four days before the test.

    Is there cancellation charges for GRE test?

    No, there is no cancellation charges for the GRE test.

    What is the structure of the GRE Test?

    The GRE test consists of 3 sections:
    1. Analytical Writing
    2. Verbal Reasoning
    3. Quantitative Reasoning

    Is there any negative marking in the GRE Test?

    No, there is no negative marking in the GRE Test.

    When students receive their online score report?

    Students will receive Verbal and Quantitative Score just after completing the test. Analytical Writing is an essay writing test, you will not be able to see the marks of the third section at that time.

    What is the duration of the test?

    The total duration of the GRE test is 3 hours and 45 minutes.

    What are the fees of the GRE test?

    The fees of the GRE test is about US$205.

    When the GRE test conducted?

    The GRE test conducted all year round.

    What is the score range of GRE Test?

    The Score range is between 260 to 340.

    What if a student wants to reschedule the date, time or location of the test?

    If a student wants to reschedule the date, time or location of the test, you have to pay a rescheduling fee of USD 50.

    Will student require a passport for GRE Test?

    IYes, a student will require a passport for GRE Test. Passport is the only identity proof which GRE test centre accepts.

    Can the student wear jeans at the test centre?

    Yes, a student is advised to wear normal dresses so that they can sit at any room temperature.