Accreditation and Trade Recognition Are Highly Necessary
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Accreditation and Trade Recognition Are Highly Necessary

Accreditation and Trade Recognition Are Highly Necessary

Accreditation and trade recognition are vital to the improvement of any industry as a whole. These two things create a standard to live up to for sellers and a type of assurance for consumers. Products and services must meet a minimum requirement of quality and truly provide some benefit for its customers. This applies to Educational Institutions as well as Students.

It has always been the requirement for any educational institute to obtain the necessary governmental permissions to operate in a given locality but I feel that the industry trade organizations hold a more important role in industry regulation. Trade self-regulation and a conductive business environment are a must for any type of push forward as a consolidated industry. Growth should always be the focus and this is solely dependent upon the trust of the consumer. For any type of true consumer, confidence in the business environment requires legal, financial, and social norms to be maintained.

Ultimately, institutional accreditation directly impacts students. As these students enter the workforce, their institution’s reputation or the student’s pedigree is scrutinized and usually is the deciding factor in employment and advancement opportunities. Obviously, students once in the labour force are then solely responsible for continuing this line of accreditation in the form of professional certifications and continued education.

Mobile Learning and Digital Education have come a long way, just this past week the World Education’s EdTech Center, the government of Cambodia, and UNESCO launched the first education equivalency programme utilizing solely a digital curriculum. This is a huge step forward for education and mobile learning technology as this curriculum has been accredited. This is what we, at Praadis Institute of Education, would also like to accomplish with our flagship product, PIE.

PIE is a holistic learning tool focused on education through gaming for classes KG-12. Our highly immersive and engaging curriculum supplements the subjects in five curriculums: ICSE, IGCSE, MP, CBSE, and IB. Hopefully, this exhaustive content can be used as a template for educating those who don’t have access to traditional avenues of education.