importance of e learning in higher education
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importance of e learning in higher education

importance of e learning in higher education

With the rapid growth in Information & Internet era, the mode of studying online has also changed in past few years. From 247 Million USD to 1.96 billion USD the
online education & its aspect has changed a lot. With having more than 9.6 million users it is growing continuously & the market is forecasted to be USD 18 billion by 2022.

The State of E-Learning in Higher Education

The sudden rise in the field of e-learning is the effect of some events such as the COVID-19 Pandemic, Revolution in the internet era all these events lead to finding an alternate way of learning and this is when online learning came to frame. Online learning has some extra benefits such as its not time-bounded (majorly), its Scalability. The major factor which makes this such a huge industry is by providing flexibility in learning & time flexibility whether you are in the race of Gaining a new skill or Upskilling yourself.

Most the People who prefer online education is with the purpose of Re-Skilling & Certification which makes it more impactful among the Youth & Working-class people of India, that's the reason these days' employers are also using e-learning platform to upskill their employees. WBEL or Online learning is one of the most revolutionary steps for a country like India where due to social backwardness, Population, Financial Problems, the ratio between teacher & Student, etc. exist here e-learning can be a game-changer.

Higher education sectors use E-learning as a major element to facilitate the learning process and to keep up with the rapidly changing competitors and future technologies. Along with the advancement of Information communication technology, the development of interactive media has resulted in changes in the traditional teaching method. E-Learning plays an important role in the transformation of information expertise, and improved performance in higher education.

The implementation of an e-learning platform has resulted in several radical changes in the sharing of information in higher education. The proposal of incorporation for students who are unable to proceed with their learning full-time will observe the growth of Discipline, Manners, technical skills, and so on in a cost-effective manner are additional benefits of e-learning in higher studies.

By the year 2025 India will have the highest number of Youth, & all these students without good education will not grow themselves and their country. Many of them live in remote areas, villages, etc., providing quality education will increase the chances of using the population in the right way. For this, the Policymakers/ Lawmakers should take initiative in the field of the Internet so that it could be accessible for all.


For this, the Policymakers/ Lawmakers should take initiative in the field of the Internet so that I could be accessible for all. To make better use of e-learning, institutions must execute this into areas such as research, management and administration, Finance, and so on. Government and institutions must encourage students to use e-learning Platforms effectively in the learning environment through low-cost technology and frequent internet access.