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Joyful Educational App for your Android Phone

Joyful Educational App for your Android Phone

In the course of recent decades, the impact of innovation upon students and education has been incredible. Education was once reserved only for those with money but now things have changed. An extraordinary education for your kids is no longer a fantasy. Now, anyone can bear the cost of a cell phone in which an educational application can be downloaded.

While there is a great deal of apps accessible in the application store, picking the correct one for your children can change the manner in which they think about learning. Books are frequently observed to tire children. Now, static books are being supplanted by vivid 3D videos and the fantastic of augmented reality learning tools that make learning deeply enjoyable.

Joyful learning experience!

Online learning tools make learning more engaging, easily capturing students’ imaginations. They can learn at their own pace and not feel obliged by preset time plans.

Breaking all generalizations, Praadis Learning App (PIE) has liberated all hindrances of traditional education in regards to the incorporation of learning with visuals to make education engaging, effective, and energizing for children.

In contrast to in-person schools, the portable applications are always accessible. Thus, application learning isn't time-bound adapting, rather it is intrinsically-motivated learning. It is common knowledge that kids have short attention spans but by creating an interactive environment. Thus, online K-12 learning apps work the best with respect to this issue, as they are accessible day in and day out, and the students can contemplate according to their convenience.

A wide range of learners under one rooftop

Online learning apps, have made a rich woven artwork of innovation empowered learning background denoting a move in the manner in which we learn. The approach of the Praadis learning app, has transformed the uninvolved beneficiaries of information into increasingly dynamic and included students by giving them access to sounds, video exercises, pictures and even virtual field trips.

Proceeding venture ahead, with a mean to join students crosswise over fringes, PIE app has possessed the capacity to bring all the young minds under a similar umbrella.

Track your kids' advancement with the PIE App

With the Praadis Learning application, you can follow your ward's advancement, which is a standout amongst the most vital things that each parent needs to investigate. It is simple for the guardians to follow their kid's in general or individual subject advancement and guide them as needs be, with the assistance of our K-12 learning application.

We trust that online learning is the future, and we are happy to create it with our learning application.