Online Education And Its Effective Practice In Primary school.
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Online education effective practice primary school

Online education effective practice primary school

Online education has become new and a normal way of education. The industry of online education and E-learning is growing every day. Online education has become an effective way of getting an education or it has provided earning opportunities to many people. Kids and teachers faced a lot of problems when online education was introduced. Pandemic has affected the studies of kids a lot and because of pandemic kids become weak in academics. Kids started using mobile phones for much time.

It has mostly affected the students of primary classes because it is important for the kids to attend school while growing age. If kids do not attend school during their growing age, then it will affect their minds and they will become lazy and dull. Online education has affected kids in both bad and good ways. Online education has encouraged kids to study and also helped in improving their skills and knowledge. Online education made it easy and safe for the kids to study during the time of coronavirus. Online learning helps the kids or the students to study from home and it also saves time for students and children. Online education is also cost-effective because it saves the money of traveling and also it does not require any tools.

Online education has played a very important role in educating the students during the pandemic. It had helped a lot of children in continuing their studies. For students of primary schools, it is important to attend classes because in school they learn many new things that are not possible at home. Do you what is the effect of online education on primary classes?

Effect of online education in primary class.

For primary class, it is very important to interact with teachers, meet new friends and it is also important for their mental growth. Going outside without family is important for kids. If a kid only stays in the home and all day, he/she plays with a gadget then it will lead to obesity and it will make the child’s mind dull and slow. Kids must go and play on the grounds with their friends because it will benefit them in their moral growth. It was the demand of the time students have to attend online classes and no schools can conduct offline classes.

Online classes have affected the bond of students and teachers and also makes students sit in their homes. They also do not get a chance to meet their friends. It affected the communication between classmates & student-teachers, and because of this, it becomes difficult for teachers to understand that who is studying and who are not. The online classes made kids lazy and it also affected their way of studying. Online classes affected kids in good and bad ways and an online class, it is difficult for kids to focus on their studies because many things disturb them. There are some advantages and disadvantages of online classes in primary education.


Comfortable environment- In an online class, it is beneficial for students that they get a comfortable environment in their home. They can study in their home environment and do not have to wear any kind of uniform or do any physical preparation for online classes.

Time-saving- online classes are time-saving because you do not have to travel anywhere for taking classes you only have to connect your device to the internet and then join your class. In online classes teachers and students do not have to move here and there for classes. In an online platform, time is scheduled before class, so the teacher can’t extend the class.

Stress-free environment- when you take online classes you do not feel any stress of performing in class and also you can study with a free mind. In an online class, you will feel tired because you can attend an online class while sitting at home with full comfort.

Less fear and anxiety- During offline classes, there is always a fear of performing well in class and if you do not perform well then the teacher can give you punishment or can scold you. In an online class teacher only focuses on teaching that means you do not have to worry about the punishment.

No place limitation- In an online class there are not any limitations that a student has to sit in a particular place. A student can join the online class from anywhere. There is no restriction for students and teachers that they have to stay in a particular place.

Affordable- Online education is affordable than offline education. It is cost-effective for both students and teachers. After all, it does not require to have classrooms, chairs, buildings, etc. online education is affordable because it does not require any traveling so it also saves the money of traveling.

Everything in one place- It is the benefit of online classes that you get every information while sitting at home. You do not have to go anywhere for attending different classes. You can study the course of your school, coaching and also some skill base course while sitting at home. With these, you can read books, watch educational videos in one place.


Technology issue- Technology is a very helpful tool for online education but also it has many disadvantages that troubles education. For taking or attending an online class you should know the devices that you are using. You should know that what is the use of this device, what are the benefits of the device and how it helps in gaining an education. In the beginning, it was a difficult task for the teachers and the students both, to understand how the device works and what are the features they get in the online education platform.

Parents need to be attentive- In an online class teachers are not pay much attention as they used to pay in offline classes, so it is the duty of parents that they should keep an eye on what their kid is learning and how the teacher is teaching. Parents should know how the kid is performing in class. While the students are in the home, so parents must take care of their studies and communicate with their kids.

Location and devices- It is essential to have an internet connection to attend online classes. Sometimes, not every kid has an internet connection at their home, and not every kid may have a mobile phone or laptop to attend the online class. It is a drawback of online classes that it is unaffordable for some people because with the course fee parents have to purchase devices and also the internet connection. As we know that the devices are costly, and in the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs, so it is difficult to purchase new devices for kids. It is also not a good practice to give a child a mobile phone or laptop. parents should take care of the things, that their child is doing.

Distractions- It is a normal thing that students get disturbed because of mobile phones, television, and sometimes. In an online class, students get many chances to get disturbed by the things that are happening around them. So it is the duty of parents and the teachers that they should take care of the things that kids do not get disturbed by anything, it is the duty of parents and teachers to help them in focusing their studies. While the kid is doing his studies, parents should try to not disturb them with anything and keep their focus on their studies. Getting regular distractions to kids can lead to a loss of focus on studies.

No social interaction- Social interaction is very important for kids while growing because it helps in their mental development and also it is important for their growth. During infancy, kids need to meet new people and make new friends that will help kids in enhancing their moral values, and also it is helpful for mental growth. It is important for teachers also to meet with students because it will be beneficial for teachers to understand the students. Having social interaction with classmates and teachers will help the kid to become social and it also develops social values.

Network issue- Network issue is a very big problem in online education because it can create troubles in learning of the students and also interrupt the flow of teachers and the students. Having network problems is also a disturbance for an online class and because of it students and teachers can face loss of studies. Having a good internet connection is very important for taking and attending online classes. For getting any kind of education online, you need to have a good internet connection and also have a device that can connect to the internet.

Environment of home- Environment of the home is very important for the mental growth of kids, mental growth of the kids depend on how the family of kid treat each other and also how they live in their home. As we say that the home is the first school of kid that’s why having a happy and good environment at home is important for kids. These teachers also should keep eye on students and they also should make a happy environment in classrooms.

Online examination- Online examination is a very big disadvantage for the students because they get good marks easily and in an online examination, it is easy for the student to take help from books, family members, mobile, etc. so it is very important to take the offline examination of the students because it will help the students in revising the concepts and also they will remember it for a longer time. The offline examination also helps the student to understand the concepts and also makes the student creative. In online examinations students usually do copy-paste.

How to make an online class Effective?

Online classes became very important after the pandemic and it is the only way left to educate students. We know that it is a most difficult task to teach the students of primary school because they do not have any knowledge of anything and they also study if they want to. You can’t force the primary school kids to study and for teaching them you always have to think of a new method. During pandemic online education has helped a lot in teaching their kids because kids do not study at home with their parents. Parents face a lot of trouble when they try to teach their kids. Some ways can make their online education effective.

Use props or objects- For kids of primary schools it is difficult to understand the things that are given in their books, so using props will help you teach the students. You can use pictures, puppets, stickers, etc. these will help in effective learning.

Be Expressive-Using expression is important to teach small kids because they feel bored very quickly if the teacher is not expressing anything. Expression is important if you are telling them any story. While telling a story, teachers should know how to use their expression and that will make the class more interesting.

Use Examples- with kids, it is important to show them real-life examples of what you are teaching. It is very difficult for kids to understand things that they have not seen. Telling examples will make them more interested in the topic and the class.

Organize fun activities-if you organize some fun activities for the class then, it will be very helpful for making the class more interesting and also kids will become active. You can play some games, and can also conduct fin quizzes.

Be an active teacher- For an active class, it is very important to have an active teacher. If the teacher is active, then the whole class will feel active, and also they will feel interesting.

Don’t change the topic quickly- In an online class, it is difficult to know that how many students have understood the topic and how many have not understood. So for that teacher should ask questions to the students also teach topics with patience. Try to make every kid understand the topic you are teaching.

Communicate with students- Sometimes kids feel that the online classes are boring and they lose interest in class, then communicating with students will help the teacher in interacting with students, and kids will also feel that the classes are interesting. Communicating with students will also help to know about students

Try to make your class active- For an interesting class, students must be active. You can try a few methods to make them active in class. You can tell them to perform yoga, some exercises and you can ask them to do some activity while sitting in the room. You can also try some logical or mental games, that will also make students active.

Storytelling- For the primary classes it is a very beneficial idea to tell some stories to the kids because kids are always interested in listening to stories. Kids always get active when they get to hear some stories. It is a very good option to make your class active and it also makes the teaching effective. Teachers should always tell a story with morals that will help the students in improving their moral values.

Ask students to tell a story- We know that kids love to make their world of imagination and stories, so it will make a class interesting if you ask them to tell some stories. Telling stories will enhance their imagination power and it also helps them in using their minds in productive things.

Teach students about gadgets- For online classes, it is a must for students to have a gadget or device in which they can attend classes. We know that kids do not have much idea about how to use these devices and what are the benefits of these devices, so you can conduct a session where you can explain to them the features of devices that they are using and how they can attend the online classes. Teachers should explain to students that what are the features they are getting in the online education platform and teachers should tell students these things according to their age because it is complicated for the students to understand everything about technology, so you can teach them basic things.

Drawing games- in online classes you get the option of turning on the camera so you can play an interesting game and also it will make the class interesting for the students. For this game you have to ask kids to draw a thing on their notebook and show it to the class, then the whole class will guess it and who will guess it right, he/she will get points.

Ask parents for teaching- For parents also it is important to help their kids with their studies. If parents also help kids in their studies, then it will help the kids to learn anything with fun and comfort. It also helps parents to know about their kids and in which subject they are strong and in which subject they are not. When kids help kids for studies, kids understand the concepts in a better way. Teachers can ask parents for participating in class where the teacher can conduct some fun activities and games for both the students and the parents.

Homework with no electronic devices- In these few years kids spend their most of time in front of mobile and computers, so try to give them homework that does not need any electronic devices. Give them homework like planting a tree in their garden, creating a story, some drawing activities, etc.

There are many ways to make an online class effective and it is going to be our future. After some years, students will learn everything through online platforms, and schools and institutions will also use the online platform to teach the students. Online education is a benefit for everyone because it saves time and it is also cost-effective. With technology, the online education industry is also growing every day and people also learned how to use technology for getting an education or improving their skills.

Importance of education to infants

Education is the necessary thing for life like food, nowadays it is very important to get education for living. You can’t survive if you do not have any education. It is not important to attend school for getting an education, you can get the education if you are dedicated to it and wants to achieve something in your life. Education is important for everyone whether you are an infant or adult.

Getting a good education is very important during infant because it is the base of life and when the base is good then life will be good. Kids must go to school because in school they will meet new people other than family members and that will help them to be social. For kids, it is very important to make friends and play games, it is beneficial for their mental and physical health. During infancy, kids learn to communicate, write, read, and do many more things, so they need to attend school.

Online classes have affected the studies of infants a lot, because of online class kids are facing problems in learning skills like communications, reading, listening, etc. and this will affect their further studies. Online classes have slowed down the learning capacity of students and made kids’ minds dull.

Online education is not good for infant kids because it is not going to benefit them. Education to infants helps in kids’ mental and emotional development. Some Importance of online educations are mentioned below.

The child learns about discipline- It is very essential to teach a child about discipline. At a growing age, a child needs to have discipline and obey what the elder one is saying. Parents and teachers should take care of the thing that the kid is disciplined towards his elders and also towards his work.

Emotional development- During infancy it is a must to send your kids to school because it is a place where they will meet new people and also learn to stay with new people. At this age, the kid must make new friends and should study with teachers and other students. Going to school will teach kids, how to adjust themselves to a new place.

Social development- By going for early educations kids learn to become social and talk to people. It develops their communication skills also. When kids go to school they meet new friends of the same age group, which helps them to be social. Communication skill is an essential skill for people of every age group, so if kids learn it at an early age then it will be very beneficial for them.

Self-help- Going to school teach kids, how to do their work by own. Kids learn to do many things like studying, eating food, writing, and many more things. Early education makes a kid disciplined and also teach them the skill of self-help.

Mental growth- Mental growth is a necessary thing for any person of every age. Mind is a very important part of our body that needs to be active and during infancy, a kid’s mind needs to be attentive. Mental growth encourages children to have a better future and also helps in achieving their goals.

Creativity- early education makes the child active and creative. Kids learn creative things while they are in a good and educational environment. It is easy to learn creative things when we have some more people with us and you also get the help of those people to make you think more creatively.

Language skill- At home, it is difficult to learn the needed language properly because it is not important that parents know the language properly. When a kid gets the education in school he/she learns the language that is needed for further life. In India, it is important to know the Hindi language and with this English is also taught in schools because it is a universal language. School education helps the kid to get a good command of the languages.

Guide for future- Early education is very important to understand the course of further classes and it is the base of education. Getting the education at an early age helps you to be prepared for the future.

Scheduling- Education and early schooling teach kids to follow or make the schedule of things that they do daily. Making a timetable or schedule is a very essential and good thing especially for students.

Effect of online classes on teaching

Online education has affected the way of teaching a lot and it has changed the methods of teaching. In the beginning, when the pandemic has started it became very difficult for the students and teachers to understand that how to use the devices and how the online platform works. It was very difficult for teachers to suddenly use technical devices because in offline classes they do not have any habit of using technical devices.

Online education has affected the way of teaching a lot and it has changed the methods of teaching. In the beginning, when the pandemic has started it became very difficult for the students and teachers to understand that how to use the devices and how the online platform works. It was very difficult for teachers to suddenly use technical devices because in offline classes they do not have any habit of using technical devices.

Online education has affected the way of teaching a lot and it has changed the methods of teaching. In the beginning, when the pandemic has started it became very difficult for the students and teachers to understand that how to use the devices and how the online platform works. It was very difficult for teachers to suddenly use technical devices because in offline classes they do not have any habit of using technical devices.

While using online classes, teachers had learned a lot about technology and they also learn about their subjects. It helped the teachers to improve their communication skills and also enhance their knowledge about their subjects. Online classes teach the mentors also about technology & devices and also with this they also learn how to connect with the world while sitting at home. Online education has affected in bad ways but it also helped in learning so many new things, it made people advance.

There are some benefits that teachers get while doing an online class.

Comfort- Online educations have made it easy and comfortable for teachers to teach students while suiting at home. The online class is comfortable because there is a need of getting ready for online classes and teachers can teach students by not showing themselves on screen. It depends on teachers that how they want to teach the students.

Technological knowledge- Using the online platform for teaching has helped teachers in understanding technology and also it also helped teachers for improving their skills. By using online platforms teachers get knowledge about the internet and online platforms. Online education helps teachers for learning new and effective ways of teaching. It enhances the knowledge of teachers regarding technical devices.

Methods of teaching- As we know that it is important in online education to use different methods of teaching and these are beneficial for making an online class interesting. Using different methods of teaching helps the teachers to keep students attentive and also it improves the skills of both students and the teachers.

Communication skills- Online classes help teachers to improve their communications skills and teach them how to teach students in an online class. Communication skill is very important for a teacher because if the teacher has good communication skill then it will make a class interesting and kids will understand in a better way.

Fewer limitations- In schools teachers have to follow the rules of schools, and in school teachers can’t use any technical device for teaching. In an online class, it is a beneficial thing that teachers can use any technical device or method to teach the student. Teachers also get time for household chores. It is a beneficial thing that teachers can teach while doing their work and they also get a stress-free environment in class.

Time-saving- b> Online class is time-saving because no one has to travel anywhere for taking or attending classes. It is the benefit of an online class that you can do it from your home or any place you like. With saving time online class is also affordable because it also saves the money of traveling. It also saves the time of students and teachers during class because there are only a few chances of getting disturbed.

How is Praadis primary education?

In Praadis we provide you with every method of online education that makes classes interesting for your kids and also they get to learn many things with us. Praadis education focuses on the growth of students and always has a motto to make a kid best in every subject. In Praadis education you get to see the different methods of teaching that will help the students in effective learning.

Our classes are interactive and also we have qualified teachers that will provide quality education to your kid and with this, you also get an app for parents. In Praadis classes, your kid will get a chance to learn things with fun activities and also with 3D graphics and modules.