Praadis Education Introducing "Praadis Olympiads"
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Praadis Education Introducing "Praadis Olympiads"

Praadis Education Introducing

For eternity, All the awards and Rewards go to the toppers, Be it sports or education top three are those positions everyone looks for. The consolation prizes were distributed to other winners so that they can perform better next time. But among the thousands of participants rewarding or glorifying a few is injustice and can create a feeling of dissatisfaction & jealousy in the minds of the other participants.

Praadis Education Introducing "Praadis Olympiads"

Basically, the main motive of the competition is to show the weak areas of the participant and not to humiliate other participants publicly & to expose students to national and international competition. These days people have changed the meaning of competition completely, if we take Olympiads, for example, the main motive is to understand your weak points and study harder for the examinations. Students these days started looking for the classes to prepare for Olympiads which is completely the worst idea.

This "Generation Z" is different and will not tolerate injustice against themselves. For this Generation Z, we had recently started an "Exclusive Learners Program." Under this program, we are not rewarding only to toppers but to the top 1 lakh students with our Premium subscription which will include all the premium benefits of the Praadis App Such as Live classes, 3D Interactive Videos, Smart board & VFX videos, AI-enhanced Capability Adaptive Test, etc.

Yeah, you heard it, this is maybe for the "FIRST TIME IN INDIA" when the top 1 lakh Students are getting rewarded in any competition & also this is the first time in India when an Edtech platform is giving their product for free not for a month or a day but an entire session to 1 lakh students. This is really a huge opportunity for all the students out there, they can apply for this exam and stand a chance to win Praadis Premium membership & they can study for the entire session.

It will also help in improving students by polishing their problem-solving, thinking, and analytical approach toward any question. These skills will also help them in the long run when they are applying for any job or facing any problem further in their life. Participation in the Olympiads allows students to analyze their skills and interests before taking the tough competitive tests of higher grades such as NEET&JEE. Praadis Olympiad is a popular name in the education sector, offering Olympiad exams for students from the 3rd to the 11th grade.

Different exams are taken in mathematics to help students solve complex problems in the shortest possible time. It is an examination for school-level students to showcase their skills and talents in Mathematics & helps them to understand more deeply the subject and to sharpen their mental aptitude.

The exams take place at different levels/classes and are open to all students. The whole exam lasts one hour and after the results of the Olympiads are announced, the student receives their rank a/c to his class.

What to Study?

Practice recent years math Olympiad questions and assignments and math Olympiad pattern work so that you can score and rank better for exams. The foundation runs Olympiad exams to encourage students to excel in Mathematics. you can visit the official website of several Math Olympiads to learn more about the curriculum, the patterns and test topics of the Math Olympiad competitions, and the problems of elementary and middle school. It's a test-based curriculum taught in schools, and students can take notes with quick facts on the topics that are explained in class. Students should have detailed knowledge of the topics.

The questions asked in the Olympiad exams help students to understand the concepts taught to them in the session later. The questions are application-oriented and do not test the student's "knowledge of a concept, but the understanding and application of the concept.

It helps students cultivate analytical and logical thinking, which is useful for competitive exams. The questions asked at the Olympiads are conceptual and tricky and require students to understand the topic. To solve such questions, students must apply two or more concepts that they have learned and integrated so that they can prepare for the Olympiads.


Many of the students had mailed us and contacted us through various mediums just to get details of this exam. In our survey, we had asked all of them a question that "Why do they want to give this exam?", & the common Answer we got is that they want to know their weak points & find out, whom they are competing with. This exam gives them the clarity of both, as this is not a school level exam but this is an exam of national level, here we have all the students you're gonna compete with. So if I were you I will appear for this exam to get the offer which is unique in itself because of its level, large scale students & Rewards.