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PIE is designed to help children learn difficult subjects with ease and enjoyment. Our platform is a solution for all those who believe math, science, or even history are too difficult; our platform is geared towards learning through game play. This game play allows for experiential learning and also allows the user to set his own pace. The games are designed to further the lessons learned in subject modules and also create a progressive build on the knowledge delivered to the user based on his capability. Now let’s get to the fun stuff!

PIE’s Augmented Reality platform utilizes a Tracker paper that makes our games come alive. The tracker paper serves as the platform on which our Augmented Reality - 3D images pop up.

The Play function in PIE includes AR games such as the Racing Game, explaining speed, that feature a highlight immersive touch and drag functionality. This Racing game explores the relationship between distance, time, and speed. The car in the game will only go as far as indicated by the speed and time duration given; you simply must answer with the correct distance and you will start racking up the points. It only takes one go-around to realize that in order to score high you must utilize the equation of speed properly. Once you’ve understand the pattern then the sky’s the limit, the HIGH Score will be yours.

PIE also includes AR games such as the Fibre and Fabric Role Playing Game (RPG) with touch and drag functionality. In the style of Civilization, we are involved first-hand in the process of making fabrics from sheering the sheep to stitching the fabric. Interestingly, the benefits of RPG in education are staggering and well-documented. From decision-making skills to problem solving skills, role playing games have had a huge impact on children. Both of the skills mentioned above are paramount in life and the RPGs used in PIE are created with just that intention; to harness and sharpen life skills.