ML Aggarwal Solutions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 5 Simultaneous Linear Equations

Two linear equations in two variables taken together are called simultaneous linear equations. The solution of the system of simultaneous linear equation is the ordered pair (x, y) which satisfies both the linear equations. In general, if there are n unknown variables, then n independent equations are required to obtain a value for each of the n variables. Mathematical equations are also used in traffic control, aircraft, space program and medicine and so on. So we should always remember that any math equation result has the potential to change the world. That is the reason all mathematical equations are important in our life.
System of simultaneous linear equations 1. A pair of linear equations in the same two variables form a system of simultaneous linear equations. 2. They are satisfied by the same pair of values of the two variables. 3. Two linear equations can have either only one solution, no solution or infinite solutions.