NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Economics Chapter 5 Consumer Right

Economics, Consumer Rights discusses the Consumer Rights that the Government has provided the citizens of the country and how can the citizens raise their voice against any ill-practise in the marketplace. The chapter also provides some case studies where the consumer was exploited by the seller and how legal institutions helped consumers in upholding their rights.

The chapter discusses the requirement of rules and laws in the marketplace. And these rules have helped the consumer fight for their rights. The development of the consumer movement in the country and the unethical practices of trading have also been mentioned. Different consumer rights include: Right to Information, Right to seek redressal, Right to Choose, Right to Represent, Right to Safety and Right to Consumer Education. Consumer Rights have been given significant importance in this chapter, and students will learn how Government helped in the building of self-help groups and other organisations for the right of its citizens.