NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Physics Chapter 3 Electricity

Electricity is one of the most integral aspects of our society. Electricity has been shaping up to our civilization ever since the dawn of the industrial revolution, powering entire industries and businesses. Today, life without electricity would result in chaos if we were to lose this vital source of energy—electric current, voltage or electric potential, resistance and (Ohm's law). Electric current is expressed by the rate of flow of electric charges. Rate of flow means, the amount of charge flowing through a particular area in unit time. Resistance is a property that resists the flow of electrons in a conductor. It controls the magnitude of the current. The SI unit of resistance is Ohm. Also need to understand in this chapter about: Parallel and Series Combination of Resistors and their applications, Heating Effect of Electric Current and its Applications and The interrelation between P, V, I and R