NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Accounting Chapter 3 Recording of Transactions I

Recording in books of accounts is done based on the voucher. It is accounting evidence of a business transaction. Cash voucher is prepared to record all the transactions which involve cash either in the form of receipt of payment. Thus cash voucher is further classified into Debit Voucher & Credit Voucher. Recording of the transaction- I is a process of accounting transactions of the business in several books of accounts like cash book, journal book, a ledger account, profit & loss account, etc. These entries are a source of documents which act as evidence for all the transactions taking place in the company. The main reason for the recording of the transaction- I, is to ascertain the financial status of an organization at the end of every financial year. The recording of the transaction – I, involve steps like recognizing the transaction to register and prepare the source documents which are registered in the basic book called a journal. It is then reported in private accounts in the principal book called Ledger.