NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 10 S Block Element

Group-I elements have one electron in their valence shell. They do not occur in the native or free state. These elements are collectively known as alkali metals because their oxides and hydroxides form strong alkalies like NaOH, KOH, etc. Chemistry for Class 11 s-block Elements is one of the essential subjects for Class 11. This chapter deals with the group 1- Alkali Metals and Group 2 – Alkaline Earth Metals, Elements of s- block their physical property and chemical properties, General Characteristics of Compounds of the Alkaline Earth Metals, Some Important Compounds of Calcium, Anomalous properties of Lithium and Behaviour of Beryllium. S-Block elements will make students get acquainted with group 1 elements, their electronic configurations, alkali metals, Ionization enthalpy, atomic and ionic radii, hydration, enthalpy, physical and chemical properties use and importance. After studying this chapter students will be able to describe characters of alkali metals and their compounds, characters of alkaline earthly metals and compounds, industrial importance and production of important sodium and calcium compounds which includes Portland cement.