NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English_Hornbill Chapter 7 The Adventure

The chapter 'The Adventure' is a story about Professor Gangadharpant Gaitonde, who is strangely in a different world. He knows it is Pune, but the facts are different from what he believes. He decided to go to Bombay via train 'Jijamata Express'. When he reached Bombay, things were different. The story centres on a specific historical event with the Historian, Gangadharpant, being the protagonist. This story is written by Jayant Narlikar and shows us how Gangadharpant, aka Professor Gaitonde, time travels. It begins with the professor wondering about the fate of India if the Marathas had not allowed a concession to the East India Company to stay in Mumbai. He believes this step and the error of Maratha soldiers during the battle of Panipat cost a great deal. As he is reading from the Bakhar about Vishwa's narrow escape in the battle against Abdali, he meets with an accident. The transitions from one world to another, and through this story, we learn about his new world he transitions into. It is a great lesson with the perfect blend of history and science.