NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English_Hornbill Chapter 8 Silk Road

This chapter is part of a travelogue about the author’s travel along the ancient trade route called ‘Silk Road’ regions as they are now. This account of the Silk Road, with its contrasts and exotic detail, describes the challenges and hardships the author faced while journeying to Mount Kailash on a pilgrimage.

Silk Road summary is about the author’s journey, which starts from slopes of Ravu to Mt. Kailash. It was to complete the kora. Thus, it gives us an account of the journey they experience. Moreover, the main aim of the journey was religious mostly. We see that the author wishes to complete the journey to Mt. Kailash. Thus, to embark on this pilgrimage journey, he chooses a tough one.

Further, the author hires Tsetan and takes along Daniel as an acquaintance to chaperon him to Darchen. Consequently, we learn about his journey and his experience through the Silk Road. He mentions how the people in hilly areas are rather sensitive. The author goes on to witness the beauty of Lake Mansarovar and Darchen. Moreover, he faces a lot of difficulties but can complete his pilgrimage due to his undeterred faith.