NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English_Snapshot Chapter 2 The Address

The story "The Address" is all about the human predicament that follows the war. The story narrates how a daughter goes to her native place in Holland in search of her mother's belongings after the war. The Address by Marga Minco revolves around the theme of crisis that we, as an individual encounter in our daily life. War brings destruction, pain, and loss of lives which impact humans in various ways. However, this story speaks about the narrator and mother's life how they are disrupted due to war. We see what it does to humans and their behaviour. You can feel the pain, grief, and mental torture the survivors of war have to go through. It is about the author's story, who is a Jew and returns to her native home post-war. After suffering many losses, she even loses her mother. Further, it is about how she handles the world alone after going through so much pain.

Moreover, we learn about the world's cruelty towards the oppressed. Upon suffering from further oppression, the narrator realizes a lesson in a difficult way. She comes to realize that nothing is kept in worldly things, and she gives everything up. Thus, it shows us about human pain and self-actualization.