NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English_Snapshot Chapter 7 Birth

Birth Summary – Starts with Andrew Manson, recently out of medical school who argued with her girlfriend. Also, his mood was very low while returning home. At home, he saw Joe Morgan, who was persistently waiting for him as her wife was expecting the birth of his first child after twenty years of marriage. Hence, a doctor was, therefore, necessary for the delivery. On reaching Joe’s house, he discovers her wife in labour pain. And all the member were eagerly waiting for the birth. However, Mrs Morgan was under anaesthesia, and at the break of dawn, a lifeless child was born. The child was pale and looked like the baby had witnessed suffocation. Therefore, Manson instantly recalls a similar case in medical school. So he started working on the child as family happiness depends on it. After half an hour of hard work, he manages to save the child.