NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics Chapter 15 Waves

A wave is an oscillation (of a physical quantity) that travels through a medium, accompanied by a transfer of energy. Energy transfers from one point to another in the direction of the wave motion. This chapter comprises of comprehensive questions and solutions on a very important topic of physics such as questions on Wave dynamics etc. This chapter will guide students through every topics and type of waves such as tension on strings, the speed of sound in air, transverse wave, and dependence of the speed of sound in the air on factors like pressure, humidity and temperature. This chapter also has questions on concepts like the wavelength of ultrasonic sound, transverse harmonic wave and their frequency etc. Waves characteristics comprise of its frequency, amplitude, wavelength, phase, resonance, displacement of waves such as longitudinal and transverse motion in the various medium such as materials with high and low density, air, steel wires in guitars, sea waves etc.