NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 7 Directing

DIRECTING is said to be a process in which the managers instruct, guide and oversee the performance of the workers to achieve predetermined goals. Directing is said to be the heart of the management process. Planning, organizing, staffing have got no importance if direction function does not take place. Directing is the chapter that educates students the significance of instructing, motivating and inspiring the employees in the establishment. Directing chapter comprises of various vital concepts – meaning and definition of directing, characteristics of directing, the importance of directing, principles of directing and elements of staffing. There are four main elements of directing, supervision – the role of supervisor, the importance of a supervisor, motivation, interrelated terms of motivation, characteristic features of motivation, the importance of motivation, need hierarchy – financial incentives, perks / fringe benefits/perquisites, leadership – features of leadership, different styles of leadership, the importance of leadership, communication, communication process.