NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics Chapter 8 Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic waves are waves that consist of vibrating electric and magnetic fields. They transfer energy through matter or across space. The two vibrating fields together form an electromagnetic wave. An electromagnetic wave is a transverse wave that can travel across space as well as through matter. We will determine the RMS value of the conduction current, and we will be analysing the similarities between conduction current and displacement current. We will be analysing the similarities among the wavelengths of X-rays, red lights, and radio waves. In this solution, you will be seeing questions on the wavelength of electromagnetic waves travelling in a vacuum. We will be obtaining photo-energy of different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum and perceiving how to obtain different scales of photon energies of electromagnetic radiation. We will be gaining knowledge on how to prove that the energy density of one field is equal to the average energy density of another field.