NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 16 Games We Play

The NCERT solution of class 3 chapter 16 “GAMES WE PLAY” primary purpose is to encourage the students to observe the games they play. It is highly recommended that the students prepare the answers on their own. This chapter includes so many fun activities and games like writing the number of players, ladder game, fill in the blanks, draw the pictures, etc.

Each topic in the chapter is arranged systematically so that the child can proceed stepwise, and every effort has been made by our experts to explain each topic very well. The questions given in the NCERT book helps students strengthen their previously studied fundamental concepts. This will help you have an easy hook at the puzzling questions as well. By regularly discussing these solutions, students will develop a better understanding of the concepts. This will help students to gain in-depth knowledge of the chapter in the students’ mind. Students are advised to go through these solutions completely as they carry a maximum weightage of marks for the final exam. The Chapters designed here are in PDF format, which is easy to download. All the students are advised to revise daily to attain a good score in the final exams.