NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 18 A House Like This

The NCERT solution of class 3 chapter 18 will help the students to understand the type of house, the materials used and the skills required to build the house. This chapter mainly enables the minds of children to think and observe the walls, roofs, ladders, ladders, materials and structure of the house and more. At the end of the chapter, students will find several activities that will help them to comprehend their concepts of learning.

This solution set will improve understanding of the subject in students. Students will be able to improve their efficiency through these solutions. We have tried to gather all the latest updates and information provided by the CBSE board so that the student can get every detail in one place. The Solutions provided here are of great importance, and you can easily access from anywhere. You can download the course material by visiting our website and practice to score good marks in the exam.