NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 22 Left Right

The NCERT solutions of class 3 chapter 22 teach kids about the direction, left, right, front, behind and the map and interpret symbols. The way of studying should be fun learning so that Students will be able to learn and memorise all topics quickly. This chapter includes fun activities like drawing a picture, Q&A, fill in the blanks, trace the way with the help colours, and more.

These NCERT solutions contain referral links for the videos and other study content which will help students to understand chapter better. The chapter includes all essential questions for exam point of view. Solutions are given for this chapter by subject matter experts’ step-by-step descriptions using proper explanations. So that students can get the advantage of step marking during the exam. Praadis always ensures that the confidence level of the children is not reduced and interest remains maintained. We have tried to gather all the latest updates and information provided by the CBSE board so that the student can get every detail in one place. You can download the content by visiting our website and practice to get good marks.