NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 9 It's Raining

Class 3 EVS Chapter 9 deals with NCERT solutions about what all clouds do, when you can see a rainbow, how you feel when it rains, what you see when it rains, in addition to clouds, what happens when it rains, and importance of rains for plants and animals. The purpose of this solution provides the ideal method and does not confuse students. Every question has been answered in detail by our expert, which is easy to understand.

Praadis allows the students to drive comprehensive learning and increase their ability to learn and memorize. Keeping in mind the mental level of a child every effort has been made to introduce new concepts in simple language so that child understands them quickly. The NCERT solution for this chapter serves as the right guide for all questions in the NCERT textbook. This chapter includes practice sets along with the answer sheets that make students life more accessible. Most of the CBSE exam questions are asked from NCERT textbooks. Students are advised to go through these solutions completely as they carry a maximum weightage of marks for the final exam. To download all the chapter and interactive learning session videos- Visit Praadis.