NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 17 Puppy and I (Poem)

The NCERT solution for class 3, In this poem, the little child wants to play, but none of them (man, horse) were with him. The child then decided to play with the puppy, who was going to roll over the hills and play as they both wanted to play. This chapter includes many fun activities like, fill in the blanks with rhyming words, select the correct words, match the animals with their sounds, and more.

The chapter contains all the important questions and topics which will help the student to understand what is coming in the exam. The sample papers provided by CBSE will help you score higher in the exam. This will help you solve puzzling questions as well. You will also learn some new words at the end of the chapter, this will definitely improve student’s vocabulary skills. All the topics of the chapter have been appropriately arranged so that you can quickly grasp the topic just by looking at it. You can refer the videos and PDFs online or download it for more practice.