NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 18 Whats in the MailBox (Poem)

The NCERT solution for class 3, This poem “What in the Mailbox” is about modes of communication, letter writing methods, educate about some professions like Postman, cobbler, driver, teacher, nurse, etc. Games and Play activities can be carried out for making children understand the poem easier. This will help a student to build a strong foundation of basics and concrete skills which they acquired in their lower classes.

The poem contains a lot of questions and illustrative, which help your child understand the topic very easily. Praadis have made all the efforts to make the session more interactive and fun for students. Through this, students will get to know these topics properly and understand the concepts behind the chapter. Each subject is organized systematically so that the child can move forward stepwise, and every effort has been made by our experts to explain each topic thoroughly. You can check the videos and PDFs on our website, which is just one tap go to download all the content.