NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 4 A Little Fish Story

The NCERT solution of class 3 chapter 8 is a story of a little fish who was unhappy because he was tiny. One day the fish was caught in the mesh of a net, but because of its small size, he was able to escape from the trap. The way of studying should be fun learning so that Students will be able to learn and memorise all topics quickly.

It includes fun activities like look at the pattern, fill in the blanks and say aloud, etc. These solutions will help students understand the concepts of grammar and comprehend the literature part very well. Therefore, these solutions will improve the scoring percentage in English overall. Praadis always ensures that the confidence level of the children is not reduced and interest remains maintained. The NCERT solution of class 3 chapter is in PDF format. You can easily download with just one tap.