NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 16 A Busy Month

The NCERT Solution of class 4, chapter 16 teaches kids about several kinds of gliding creatures, where do they live, how it flies and what sound it makes. It also includes the name of the birds, shapes, sizes and colours of their beaks. It's a day time; some birds are busy making their nests. Some birds have already made their nests, and they are busy feeding their babies. Indian Robin makes its nest with twigs, roots, wool, hair and cotton wool. Koel lays eggs in a crow's nest. It does not make its own nest. Birds make nests to hatch the eggs, raise the chicks safely and to keep them safe from enemies. Birds lay eggs in the nest. After the eggs have hatched and the chicks have grown, they leave the nest. Different birds have different kinds of beaks and claws according to their needs.