NCERT Solutions for Class 4 maths Chapter 4 Tick Tick Tick

The NCERT solutions for class 4 Maths Chapter 4 explain students about time calculation & conversion –Hours and minutes, Minutes and seconds. It also covers the addition of time, subtraction of time, time intervals, understanding of 24-hour clock, etc. It also helps student in the understanding calendar that will gradually help in understanding dates, days, years, months, weeks and time in seconds, minutes and hours. Chapter 4 teaches children to tell the time from an analogue clock. It is an important chapter because it teaches children one of their necessary life skills. A simple fact of knowing the difference between day and night would be a child’s first understanding of time. As children grow, they develop a profound sense of time and the way it affects our lives. By learning about the concepts of past, present and future, students begin to place a logical order into their lives and start to make sense of things that are happening around them.