NCERT Solutions for Class 5 maths Chapter 10 Tenths And Hundredths

The NCERT solution class 5 chapter 10 helps kids to learn about hundredths, express paise as rupee in decimal format, decimal in words, read and write tenths and hundredths. This lesson also teaches kids the concept of money. It is very engaging lessons for kids and gives the concept of learning of measurement and understanding of rupee and paisa concept. Hundreds are the place in the whole number. Hundredths is the place in the decimal part. In place value chart we can observe the places as follows Hundreds, Tens, Ones, decimal point, tenths, hundredths. The objective of this solution is to provide the ideal method and do not confuse students. Our expert provides every question's solution with detail explanation which is easy to understand. The given solutions cover all the topics which carry a significant weightage of marks for competitive exams. You can see them online or download a PDF file for future use.