NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 20 The Banyan Tree

There was a grand old banyan tree in the garden of that house. In the spring, all kinds of birds flocked into its branches, and the tree became the noisiest place in the park. The boy had built a crude platform on the tree where he spent the afternoons when it was not too hot. Sitting there, he had read many books. This story talks about a boy who lived with his grandparents. He was the owner of a large old banyan tree that had squirrels, snails and butterflies. Once he befriended a squirrel which resided in the tree. They became so intimate that the squirrel trusted him enough to be taking morsels from his hand. “The Banyan Tree” mentions a young boy, who views the classic fight between the cobra and the mongoose while he was sitting in an old banyan tree during his stay at his grandfather’s house. The outcome of such a fight is the death of the cobra.