NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 9 What Happened to The Reptiles

“What Happened to the Reptiles” is about Pambupatti, a peaceful village that is inhabited by a variety of people. Long ago, only reptiles lived in the forest, and how the absence of different reptiles disrupted the lives of other living beings. This lesson is a story of religious harmony depicted through reptiles who lived in the village of Pambupatti and retold by an older man to a boy named Prem who suffered religious riots in his village and while running to save his life reached Pambupatti. This chapter enlightens students that every living creature has a vital role to play in the environment. This story emphasizes the significance of co-existence and living in peace and harmony by all living creatures. Prem was determined not to return to his village because communal riots of hate and violence were happening in his village. He and other villagers felt that it was unsafe for them to reside in the village where houses were being burnt in the fire, and people were killing each other and getting involved in communal violence.