NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chapter 10 An Alien Hand

An Alien Hand is a story set in Mars where Tilloo lives with his parents beneath the surface of the planet under artificial conditions. He inserted the card in the slot and reached the surface of the earth. First, he looked up as he wanted to see the sun if it was day and stars if it was night. Tilloo’s father decides to brief him properly. He tells Tilloo that he cannot survive on the surface. The air is too thin and the temperature too low there. So he advises him not to try again to reach the surface of the planet. Next day when Tulloo’s father went to work, he found the Control Room full of excitement. It was so because they had seen two space crafts. So far, they had believed that they were alone in the solar system. It was a red-letter day in Tilloo’s life.