NCERT Solutions for Class 7 History Chapter 5 Rulers and Buildings

The rulers built various grand building and structures. These are known as monuments. There were two types of structures that were created by rulers and their craftsmen that earned the status of monuments: Residences of Rulers like Forts, Palaces, Gardens, which were protected and secure. Pietra dura is a term for using cut and fitted, highly polished coloured stones to create images. Kings were expected to care for subjects and hence by building structures for their use and comfort, and they wanted to get praise from the people. Temples and mosques beautifully constructed- reasons: they were places of worship, were also meant to demonstrate the power, wealth and devotion of the patron- Example of Rajarajeshvara temple built by King Rajarajadeva for the worship of his god. Shah Jahan adapted the river-front garden in the layout of the Taj Mahal.