NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Geography Chapter 5 Natural Vegetation and Wild Life

The diverse wildlife and natural vegetation make India one of the wealthiest countries in terms of flora and flora. Students will study the climatic conditions of the different parts of the country. The term flora is used to denote plants of a particular region or period. Similarly, the species of animals are referred to as fauna. Our country India is one of the 12 mega biodiversity countries of the world. With about 47,000 plant species India occupies the tenth place in the world and fourth in Asia in plant diversity. India has approximately 90,000 animal species. The country has about 2,000 species of birds. They constitute 13% of the world’s total. There are 2,546 species of fish, which account for nearly 12% of the world’s stock. It also shares between 5 and 8 per cent of the world’s amphibians, reptiles and mammals.