7 smart tips from Praadis Education on acing board examinations 2023
   Press Release    7 smart tips from Praadis Education on acing board examinations 2023

7 smart tips from Praadis Education on acing board examinations 2023

7 smart tips from Praadis Education on acing board examinations 2023

New Delhi [India], January 10 (ANI/PRAADIS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD): With the release of the board exam timetable by the Central Board of Secondary Education, exam jitters can be seen categorically in students of classes X and XII. With exams right around the corner, 'Praadis education' is all set to help students cope with the stress that comes along by giving them pro tips to ace the board exams.

The global leader in the Ed-tech community, Praadis Education has taught thousands of students nationwide this academic year and is now going to help another million by conducting a webinar session absolutely free. For our examinees, here are a few tips to begin with. Revise smarter with the help of these tips and ace your Board exams.

  • Start from the basics:
    While revising, make sure you cover every topic in each subject! If you haven't studied till now and are not confident of your preparation feel free to download the Praadis Education Learning app, with its help you can watch the recordings of each and every topic taught by our expert teachers during the live classes and clear your concepts.

  • Paint a picture:
    Our mind finds it easier to remember the things we visualize. As far as theoretical subjects are concerned, it's easier for our minds to understand and retain the topics explained via animation or as a story since our ears and eyes, both are involved. Praadis Education, the complete learning app is an all-encompassing product that entails all intricate topics in 2D and 3D animation. Fun learning through games and stories is another characteristic of this app to create a visual representation for learners and thereby a forever imprint of what they learn in their minds.

  • Revising with the help of questions:
    Upon understanding the concept always look into relevant questions from the topic, take the help of subjective and objective question banks, once you reach there, solve the worksheets provided, it will drastically improve your confidence and will have you better prepared.

  • Previous Year Questions and Sample Papers
    When it comes to scoring in Boards, one must know the paper pattern, writing scheme and time management. You can excel in this by solving our extremely similar practice papers and sample papers. Solving these papers within the stipulated time will get you equipped for taking the actual exam.

  • Try the Pomodora study technique
    Give your mind a few breaks while revising your subjects -25 minutes of study with a 5 minute's break gives you a breather as you move on to consume more in your subject. Taking breaks helps the brain focus better and it also proves to be more efficient.
    Practice meditation to calm your anxious mind.

  • Stay hydrated, Eat well.

  • Relax.

We hope that with the help of these quick and easy tips, you will be able to revise your topics in a better and more efficient way. Praadis Education wishes you the best of luck for your Board exams!

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