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Grow And Learn With E-Learning App

Grow And Learn With E-Learning App

Learning is not restricted to a classroom. Learning can happen, anywhere even while walking on the footpath. Learning is a process, and it involves the active involvement of a student. Learners are not born but made through extensive practice, active engagement and utilising strategies and techniques which help in better understanding. Sometimes the traditional methods of teaching become exhausting. And not all students have the same capacity of learning. Such hurdles in the process can be overcome by e-learning. Praadis E-learning app is the fastest growing app for the students from KG -12 as it focuses on providing equal learning opportunities to all students by engaging them in effective activities and games.

There are many benefits of using Praadis e-learning platform. Praadis education app allows students to access any topic in any subject with just a single click. The app is highly mobilised and can be accessed from anywhere. Such facilities are not available in classroom teaching or a physical educational institute. Students can learn more through concisely-designed topic-wise content

The students are equipped with high-quality content through innovative games for learning and other features at an affordable price. The app saves student’s time of travelling to tuition by allowing to access the app from anywhere. Education can be fun with the PIE app, containing specially designed modules, videos, and educational games

Praadis education app provides support to the students in the form of mentors and Subject experts. Personalisation is the most significant advantage of Praadis E-learning app. Our program adapts to different skill levels and creates individualised learning paths based on these skill levels

The method for learning through the PIE app is totally unique in relation to the personalised learning strategy, it enhances the whole procedure. Our focus on engaging content and sparking curiosity and interest in our student through this immersive content has created a unique platform for learning.

The Praadis Education’s App enables children to secure better grades, strengthen holistic life-skills, and impart the love of reading and learning. So what are you waiting for!!! Grow and learn with PIE app.


PIE is creating a new standard that blows past traditional education and all prevailing e-learning and m-learning platforms. The quality of learning material coupled with the effectiveness of the content is creating motivated learning that results in high retention.

Praadis Institute of Education has three key features that are created to provide perfect teaching-learning cycle. The learning content such as 3D videos, Watch the Story, and Live Videos are highly engaging and interactive. The Capability-Adaptive testing feature provides instant feedback and also suggests areas demanding further attention. The AI Assistants Zen & Zeena, Chat Ttexto, and Praadis Connect Social Media platform are features that create opportunities for students to discuss their difficulties. These three key features fill in the absorption, practice, retention, and application stages in the learning cycle. We have created a system that introduces, reinforces, and rewards student achievement. This app purveys a road to academic mastery and is available on your mobile device. Thus it curtails the need for tuition and coaching for the student. The students have to just register online at and begin their journey to Academic Achievement with PIE – The Complete Learning App.