How Praadis Education Help You Learn Better Through Learning App
   Press Release    How Praadis Education Help You Learn Better Through Learning App

How Praadis Education Help You Learn Better Through Learning App

How Praadis Education Help You Learn Better Through Learning App

Praadis education provides online education content through its app PIE. This app is one of the fastest-growing education apps in India. It makes use of 3D original learning videos, education gaming through Augmented Reality(4D) and capability adaptive tests.

Praadis education through its app PIE provides following advantages :-

  • Highly interactive app
  • Simplified, efficient and effective
  • Analytics
  • Educational games to boost memory and reasoning skills
  • 3D videos for explaining chapters
  • Challenges

Praadis promotes natural progression in studies and does not believe in forcing the pace of learning on students. A learning app is a better way of learning as here you can start and stop a lecture according to your convenience, i.e. you can study at a time according to your preference. This helps students to build his/her appetite for learning slowly.

The main object of the PIE app is to bring together the best e-learning practices of the world on a single platform. In PIE app, content is customized for the convenience of a student.

Praadis understands a student's performance will automatically improve when the student and their parents have a meaningful talk about it. Therefore, Praadis through its parent's app helps them keep track of the performances of their children.

This allows them to further communicate with their child regarding the topics or chapters in which they are facing the issue. This helps in building a positive attitude in a child and the student starts studying again with a new approach.

PIE has highly interactive and engaging content. Praadis education works on 4 C's of Praadis Education i.e. 'Creating Content according to the Country Curriculum.'

Praadis helps you prepare for various competitive exams other than school and board exams. Students can prepare for quiz competitions, Olympiads and college entrance tests etc. IIT-JEE, NEET, NDA are some of the popular entrance exams for which Praadis provide useful and meaningful educational content.

PIE app offers a lot of subjective and objective questions to practise questions based on essential concepts and topics. App offers questions based on the syllabus of different boards sequentially.

Praadis understands that some students study from videos more than through texts. Therefore, Praadis has prepared videos filled with detailed explanation for each chapter of every subject. The videos are made with animation and 3D graphics which makes it very easy for students to study.

Praadis also offers PTR (points to remember) concept-based memory games and personal notes facility to help students understand memorize the concepts. This helps them remember the topics for a long time.

Praadis education focuses a lot on the studies of junior kids. So, it has developed a separate Kids learning app for them for classes kindergarten to class 2nd. Praadis junior app has been divided into four main sections-

  • Praadis provides 3D videos and memory games based on AR(Augmented Reality) and animation so that junior kids can learn in an easy way and can understand the concepts better.
  • A special play zone module has been prepared for junior kids where they can do a lot of fun activities that include drawing/colouring activities and memory games for the child.
  • To teach concepts and topics with effective use of graphics and animation. Praadis has prepared special story and chapter videos for junior kids. Through stories junior kids will learn faster. The videos also utilize text to speech technology.
  • For junior kids, a unique practice zone has also been created. Where they can test what they have learned. They can also correct their vocabulary and can do drawing and speaking activities.

All the points mentioned above, prove the fact that Praadis Education helps students to study better through its learning app- PIE. All its features truly make it a complete learning app for all the students.