Praadis Education Launches New Learning App "PIE" In India
   Press Release    Praadis Education Launches New Complete Learning App "PIE" In India

Praadis Education Launches New Complete Learning App "PIE" In India

Praadis Education Launches New Complete Learning App

Praadis Institute of Education is hosting the "PIE Launch Gala" at Aashima Mall on 13th April, 2019. Over twenty-five schools and their students will be present to witness the launch of PIE and also showcase their own schools. Students and parents are welcome to join us in this grand event as we unveil the Beta Version of PIE, The Complete Learning App. Both students and parents will be given the program to use with a free trial and special gifts will be provided to all in attendance who install the product.

Praadis Institute of Education provides a holistic digital education solution by way of a mobile app, PIE and an online portal - The design of our mobile app and website are based on the concept of learning through play. The design also takes into account the age and grade of the student.

Younger students have access to the Junior App and Web Portal that is comprised of interactive and highly engaging storytelling sessions, AR gaming, drawing activities and learning content. Older students have access to a Senior App and portal that is comprised of simplified curriculum content fortified with highly interactive AR and VR videos, models, games and assessments.

In both the Junior and Senior apps, activities and progress are detailed through a robust AI-assisted Analytics module that shows results as well as suggests appropriate content based on capability. These Analytics and Insights are available in the Parent app, specifically designed to monitor all progress in student-user accounts.

This application is useful not just for students but also educational institutions that want to digitalize their educational content and infuse technology into their curriculums.

Join us on 13th April 2019 for the launch of Praadis Education Complete Learning App - PIE.

Visit - for more information regarding our product and also this event.

About Praadis Institute of Education:

Praadis Institute of Education is a subsidiary of Praadis Strategy Development & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and a global company geared towards providing a world-class education to millions of students in India. Our vision is to help the next generation of students by changing stressful education into joyful learning. Praadis Education focuses on learning through game-play and storytelling for a highly effective and enjoyable education.