RD Sharma Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 23 Data Handling III (Bar Graphs)

A bar graph is a representation of numbers using bars of uniform width, and the lengths of the bars depend upon the frequency and the scale you have chosen. It is a method of representing data visually. Representing numerical data with the help of pictures is time-consuming. We can make use of an alternative method to overcome this issue, i.e. representing the data using bar graphs to make it easily understandable by the students. In this chapter, we learn about the construction and interpretation of bar graphs. Representation of numerical data by bars having the same width kept horizontally or vertically with equal spacing is called the bar graph. Same data can also be represented by interchanging the items on the horizontal and vertical axis. Chapter 23 of class 6 Bar Graph represents Bar Graph on Graph Paper, Construct bar Graph on Graph Paper, and Worksheet on Bar Graph; It is a chart or graph that presents categorized data with height or lengths to the values that they present.