RD Sharma Solutions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 2 Exponents of Real Numbers

Exponents are superscript numerals that let you know how many times you should multiply a number by itself. Some real-world applications include understanding scientific scales like the pH scale or the Richter scale, using scientific notation to write very large or tiny numbers and taking measurements. The three laws of exponent are firstly, multiplication of identical bases and addition of exponents. Secondly, dividing the similar bases and subtracting the exponent. Thirdly, multiplication of exponent when two or more exponents and just one base is present. If a is a positive real number and n is a positive integer, then the principal nth root of a is the unique positive real number x such that xn = a. The principal nth root of a is denoted by a (1/n). Chapter 2 helps students to understand concepts like Integral Exponents of a Real Number, Laws of Integral Exponents and Rational Exponents of a Real Number. We have prepared the Solution to facilitate easy learning and help students understand the concepts of exponents of Real Numbers, and free RD Sharma solutions are provided here.