RD Sharma Solutions for Class 9 Maths Chapter 7 Introduction to Euclid's Geometry

Euclid, a Greek Mathematician, employed some of his axioms and theorems to study planes and other solid figures. The word “geometry” comes from the Greek words “geo”, which means the “earth”, and “metron”, which means “to measure”. Euclidean geometry is a mathematical system attributed to Euclid, a teacher of mathematics in Alexandria in Egypt. Euclid gave us an exceptional idea regarding the basic concepts of geometry, in his book called “Elements”. Euclid’s system is considered an extremely deductive, comprehensive and logical approach towards geometry. Though Euclid’s geometry is also about shapes, lines and angles, the students need to have an in-depth understanding of the topics to be able to understand how the shapes, lines and angles interact with each other. The Chapter explains students the Axioms and Theorems, Incidence Properties, Parallel and Intersecting Lines, Line Segment, Length Axioms and Plane.