Concise Selina Solutions for Class 10 Biology Chapter 16 Pollution A Rising Environmental Problem

Pollution is one of the major problems today, which every country on earth is facing. Pollution causes irreparable damage to our mother earth. There are different types of pollution: water pollution, air pollution, solid waste pollution and noise pollution. All of these can be found in urban areas. The primary sources of pollution are household activities, factories, agriculture and transport.

Air pollution is the decrease in air quality by pollutants that affect all living beings. Air pollution can be due to natural sources such as forest fire or human-induced such as smoke coming out of vehicles.

Land pollution. Land can become polluted by household garbage and by industrial waste.

Noise pollution refers to the excessive amount of noise in the surrounding that disrupts the natural balance. Usually, it is human-made, though certain natural calamities like volcanoes can contribute to noise pollution.

Water pollution is the deterioration of water quality by toxic substances, which makes it undrinkable and is also dangerous for living organisms to live in water. Substances such as oil spills, industrial waste, domestic waste, sewage, toxic chemicals, and silt cause water pollution.