Concise Selina Solutions for Class 10 Biology Chapter 4 Absorption by Roots The Process Involved

The root hair cell is in a turgid state. The process of osmosis achieves absorption of water by root hair. The concentration of water in the surrounding is more than the interior of the cell. It causes the water from the surrounding to move in because of endosmosis.

Water is very crucial for plants for different metabolic activities. One of the most significant functions of the roots is to absorb water and minerals from the soil. Terrestrial plants obtain their water supply from the soil. The method of water absorption by the roots from the soil is known as a "mechanism of water absorption". The two processes involved in absorption are:

Active absorption.

Passive absorption.

Absorption of water and other essential nutrients takes place in water with the help of roots and leaves. Roots act as a passive organ of absorption. The water will enter the plant via the root cells that can be found in the roots where mainly passive absorption occurs. Also, with the absorption of water, minerals and nutrients are absorbed.