Concise Selina Solutions for Class 10 maths Chapter 7 Ratio and Proportion (Including Properties and Uses)

A proportion is simply a statement that two ratios are equal. It can be written in two ways: as two equivalent fractions a/b = c/d; or using a colon, a:b = c:d.

A ratio is a mathematical expression written in the form of a:b, where a and b are any integers. It expresses a fraction.

In certain situations, comparison by division makes better sense than comparison by taking the difference. The comparison by division is called the ratio of the two numbers. For example, for most mammals, the ratio of legs to noses is 4:1, but for humans, the ratio of legs to noses is 2:1. The main difference between ratio and proportion is that ratio is the comparison of sizes of two quantities of the same unit. On the other hand, proportion refers to the equality of two ratios.