Concise Selina Solutions for Class 7 maths Chapter 7 Unitary Method (Including Time and work)

Unitary-method is all about finding value to a single unit. The unitary method is a technique for solving a problem by first finding the value of a single unit, and then finding the necessary value by multiplying the single unit value. In essence, this method is used to find the value of a unit from the value of a multiple, and hence the value of a multiple. Example: If 8 men can complete a work in 6 days, 1 men can complete in = 8 x 6 = 48 days. The formula of the unitary method is to find the value of a single unit and then multiply the value of a single unit to the number of units to get the necessary value. We can use the unitary method to find out 100 % of an amount given a percentage of that amount. For instance, if 10 % of an amount of money is Rs.23, then its 100 percent is 10 × Rs.23 = Rs.230.